Be Happy At Work And At Home

Everyone wants to be happy at work and at home, so why is it so hard?

I’ve often heard the saying, ‘Leave your personal life at the door’. This strikes me as an old fashioned and confusing message to send out to your employees. When I was managing a team, I was always happy to support my colleagues if they were wrestling with some personal turmoil. I’d rather help them to get it off their chest and feel supported, than have them preoccupied or feeling low which will impact on their productivity and could distract or affect the rest of the team.

That being said, there are some people this absolutely works for. They can put their issues in a box and wait until they are home to deal with them. Some people like the sanctuary of work and can relish the break from their issue.

So, are we meant to mask our feelings? Is it really even possible? Of course, there’s a time and a place; however if someone is unhappy at home then it can show in their work, affect their motivation, cause them to make mistakes or become the office mood hoover!

An old colleague of mine from years back is still working painfully long hours. She is very successful, I’d go as far as saying her work is her life, it’s ingrained in her. The problem is that, by focusing solely on her work she has neglected her home life. She’s exhausted and at times irrational. Her marriage would benefit from more time spent listening and nurturing each other as well as some well-deserved ‘me time’. Inevitably she becomes run down which runs the risk of more complicated health issues. The miscommunication in her marriage, if left unchecked, could lead to a wider gap forming and one or both parties living unfulfilled lives.

As we’re constantly told, it’s vital to have balance in our fast-paced, busy lives. If we don’t find a balance, the cracks will start to show. Don’t wait for a crisis to strike before you take steps to nurture your own happiness. You can choose to create some new habits and find a balance that will boost your happiness and that of those closest to you.

My clients come to me when they are ready to kick start these changes. I will help them to identify and reflect on what’s important to them and why there needs to be a shift in how they are approaching their work and home life. It can take one meeting or as many as they need to help them reach their balance.

In case you’re wondering, my friend is ready to change!  Are you ready to be happy at work and at home?

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