Interview Skills Training

Interview skills training gives you the skills and structure to perform a professional and detailed competency based interview process. Its just one of the many courses I offer. On the course, I’ll also teach you how to understand an interviewee’s behaviour, allowing the process to be more open and engaging. You’ll become capable of really getting a confident overview of the person you’re interviewing.

We’ll look at:

  • How to structure the interview from start to finish
  • Interview planning and prep
  • Conducting effective pre-screening telephone interviews
  • Getting people to open up
  • Putting people at ease
  • Creating the right interview environment
  • The skills of competency questioning
  • The importance of active listening
  • Understanding behavioural techniques
  • Using the STAR technique
  • Determining an interviewee’s attitude, skills and knowledge
  • Selling yourself, your company and the job
  • How to leave the interviewee wanting the position
  • Actively listening and learning before acting

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