We have had the pleasure of having Jann come into our team and provide bespoke training from Consultant to Director level. The training Jann provided us was fantastic, engaging and we all could instantly see the value from what we have learnt. We will all miss Jann and would highly recommend the training/coaching Jann provides (even if you think you don’t need it).

Corey Carson – Senior Recruitment Consultant

I have found the support of having Jann on site invaluable. One of the key challenges I face having a team of 20 is to give them enough time and one to one support to develop them personally and ensure they feel valued, and that we do take an interest in their personal aspirations and development needs, as well as being employees of the business. Bringing Jann on site has allowed me to carry on with my day to day duties, whilst she has worked with each team member individually and delivered bespoke solutions to them. As well as just the moral boost this has also led to improvements in the productivity and the quality of work delivered by the team. I have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from individuals who have previously been resistant to training, and the individuals Jann has worked with have been able to feedback specific and measurable improvements they have been able to make by the coaching she has delivered.

Danni Foster – Improvement Manager

I first met with Jann last year, having gone through a difficult time in my life I was struggling to adapt to the level of change that was happening, or see a positive way forward. Jann is incredibly easy to talk to and whilst patiently listening was also able to encourage me to see things from a different perspective and consider the ways in which I could move forward, challenging some of my perceptions. Over time Jann worked with me on understanding not only where my life was in that moment in time, but also where I wanted to be and through small steps and suggestion helped me to understand how I could get there. Working with Jann gave me a new focus, and a sense of purpose as to how could achieve the things that mattered to me as well as understanding myself better. For me the main change from working with Jann was to start to recognise what I was already achieving and to understand how not to be so hard on myself and to start to look forward to things again, I didn’t even realise what a difference it was making, it took me by surprise when I started to realise how differently I felt. Since working with Jann and taking on board her advice, and doing the tasks she encouraged I do, I have felt very differently about the present and the future and realised just how much of it is in my control and most importantly how much there is to be enjoyed in the moment. I would highly recommend Jann to anyone considering life coaching.

Danni Foster

Jann has been hugely beneficial to our recruitment team. It has helped having a third party come into the business, as consultants felt more at ease to open up, compared to if this was done with their line manager for example – so much so, that the team refer to sessions with Jann as “counselling”! This coupled with Jann’s natural ability to empathise with another person, and to intelligently work on their soft skills and external perception, has proved very successful.

I saw a noticeable difference in a few members of my team after just two or three hourly sessions with Jann. The feedback that I have got from the team about her involvement has been brilliant, and myself the team feel a lot more “invested in” knowing that we employed a specialist coach to work with them and enhance their abilities.

I was conscious that Jann was brought on to work with consultants mainly, however I would personally benefit from more sessions with her on leadership, reacting to difficult situations with staff, and performance management. Hopefully we will get the chance to work together again!

Overall, Jann has been great and I would recommend her to anyone requiring coaching.

Georgia Ray – Recruitment Business Partner RPO

I was trained by Jann throughout my career at Adecco. Now as owner of Noble Recruiting Jann trains and coaches our Consultants and the results have been superb. Jann has a way of getting under the skin of each individual Consultant and adapts to their way of learning to bring out the best in that person. Thanks Jann for helping us to get where we are!

Joanna Urenda – Managing Director

Jann trained and developed my team of 70 Managers and Consultants.  The training included Sales, Customer Services, Increasing Revenue, Management Coaching and Performance Management Development.

The training provided had a huge positive impact on my team, the results spoke for themselves as they finished 2nd in the year out of 20 Regions.  Jann’s commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism for training sets her apart from any other trainer I have used and I would not consider using anyone else to support my business.

Lisa Pond – Operations Manager

Jann is absolutely super. She’s visited the BBC in Birmingham on several occasions recently to deliver two-day training courses to our recruiters, and she left the team buzzing every time. Inspirational content, great sensitivity to the balance of personalities within the team, and a winning personality – very highly recommended.

Nick Tomlinson – Applications Co-ordinator

Hands down the best coach I have had the pleasure of dealing with! I’ve come across a few coaches over the years, yet the thing that sets Jann apart from the others is her ability to listen to what you are saying, pick out key area’s of what you are looking to achieve, re-cap them to you and offer clear advice on how to overcome these. Each session with Jann was precise, tailored and informative. She has helped me adapt from working with external to internal clients far quicker than I could have imagined.

I would highly recommend bringing Jann in for all of your coaching needs.

Paul Sharpe – External Recruiter

Having recently engaged with Jann to deliver some training for my team I have no hesitation in highly recommending her services. The training delivered was of the highest standard and added real value, providing a highly interactive environment that was not just thoroughly enjoyable but also extremely informative. Jann managed to tailor many elements of the course to meet the specifics of our business and as such really ‘hit the spot’ with everyone who attended.

The feedback we received from those who attended the course was exceptional with everyone commenting on how much they enjoyed and valued the session with one comment indicating this was the best course they have ever attended. We are already looking at additional training Jann can support us with and she will no doubt become an essential part of our plans as we continue to develop our staff, complimenting our existing in house training with some of the softer skills that are critical to our success.

Wayne Clarkson – Director

I would highly recommend Jann as a trainer and coach to any recruitment business.

Jann delivered bespoke training and coaching to the whole team at BJD Group. Upskilling the team and helping to deliver a renewed approach to business development.

Her holistic coaching style backed up with her expertise in recruitment management, has delivered notable results with the business. She has also been an invaluable sounding board, helping to formulate a dynamic and sustainable business strategy aimed at driving business growth and people development.

Chris Dowsett – Managing Director