What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Knowing how to use your social skills in the workplace can help strengthen your relationships, which gives you a more enthusiastic approach to life, helping others see you in a more positive light.

Emotional Intelligence works on the belief that social skills are vital for building relationships. These skills affect how you approach your work, and also how others view you. Developing your Emotional Intelligence can benefit everyone in all aspects of your life. Knowing how to build rapport, show authentic leadership and handle people in difficult situations, are all just as crucial in the workplace as in a social situation. And like all skills, Emotional Intelligence can be learned and improved.

How can Emotional Intelligence benefit you?

  • There are five key elements at the core of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation of emotions, motivation and social skills.
  • By becoming more emotionally intelligent you will learn how to deal with your own stresses, as well as stressful situations at work.
  • Those with a firm understanding of Emotional Intelligence are assertive in a more positive way, and be able to control their emotions in varying situations. This in turn allows teams and peer groups to understand one another more clearly.
  • Leaders with an empathetic approach in business, and a knowledge of how to build emotional security in the workplace, are better placed to make decisions on behalf of, and for the benefit of, their team.
  • Understanding the impact actions can have on others gives managers an opportunity to become more effective leaders in the workplace, ultimately courting success.

Using Emotional Intelligence coaching I can help you:

  • realise your personal value as a leader, and work out the next career move
  • develop assertiveness techniques
  • learn effective stress management methods
  • learn how to handle challenging behaviour and resolve conflicts in the workspace

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