Executive Coaching

These sessions are designed for those in transition. The sessions involve turning the focus purely onto you, and is ideal if you are embarking on the next phase of your leadership career from Senior Manager to Director.

These sessions are for:

  • Leaders transitioning from senior management to directorship
  • Individuals looking to invest in themselves for greater growth
  • Clarity on your purpose as a leader
  • Managers realigning their goals
  • Developing greater Emotional Intelligence for resiliance

How will I benefit?

  • Brain-based Leadership Coaching methods – We’ll take a closer look at your leadership skills and goals and navigate new ways of thinking, being and doing.
  • Self-awareness – You’ll find your most authentic leadership self. Understand your strengths, gain a stronger sense of identity, and create your own streamlined management plan.
  • Gain clarity – find out where your skills are best placed, ultimately feeling more fulfilled and passing that positivity on to those around you.
  • Set a better pace – find a way of working that suits you. You will then grow more confident about embracing and enabling change.
  • Learn how to say ‘No’ in a more comfortable way – a small but valuable skill in this people-pleasing world. Conveying your thoughts tactfully can have powerful positive effects.

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