Specialist Recruitment Coaching & Training

I’m a fully qualified coach and trainer offering Specialist Recruitment Coaching

I can help you attract and retain more customers – and cut your own recruitment and training costs too.

I’ll coach you and your team on:

  • One-to-One Performance Coaching
  • Recruitment training for all levels (new recruiters, senior consultants and managers)
  • Management training for billing and non-billing managers
  • Leadership Development

Everyone benefits from recruitment coaching

You’ll be coached to be a more visible and aware manager, and this will result in a happier, confident and more successful team who feel valued, empowered and capable. And clients will feel more satisfied – giving you an uplift in placements. Everyone benefits.

Why work with me?

I’ll bring you an outsider’s perspective, with an insider’s knowledge of how recruitment works. Which means I can spot the things that can keep your organisation competitive. You and your staff will see positive results after just a few sessions.

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Increase your profitability in three easy steps:

  • It starts with you calling me on 07795 460 495 to talk about your needs.
  • I’ll design a programme tailored to your team member’s individual requirements, that will see their performance and your profits improve.
  • I’ll train and coach your team. I’m flexible of course, so we’ll work out a schedule that causes minimal disruption to your business.

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You can call me on 07795 460 495 or request a call back to discuss your requirements.

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