The first step to success….

As the end of the year gets ever closer, it’s an ideal time to reflect on how this year has gone for you. Has it been a good one full of fun, success and achievements? Or are there things you wish you’d done? Things you let slip…

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, let’s focus on next year, and think about what you can do to achieve your goals, and find those new opportunities that are out there waiting to be experienced.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself these 10 questions and take the first step to success in the new year:

  1. How have I developed or changed this year?
  2. What were my biggest achievements? What am I proud of?
  3. What were the three biggest challenges I faced this year? How did I overcome them?
  4. How much fun have I had this year?
  5. Was I fulfilled?
  6. Who has helped me, been an influence or impacted my life this year?
  7. What surprised me and how did I respond?
  8. What poor habits and self-limiting behaviours need to be left behind?
  9. What do I want my next year to look like?
  10. Finally, write down a goal for the personal, professional, physical and financial areas of your life. If a big goal doesn’t immediately leap out, make it small. But set those goals.

Where do you want to be this time next year?

While you can’t predict everything that will happen next year, invest time now thinking about and planning your development. Visualise yourself at the end of next year. In what ways have you grown? Reflect on where you want to be. Identify the new skills, experiences and knowledge you need to achieve your desired personal and professional growth. And that way, you’ll make next year the best one ever.

Get in touch, if you’d like some help with goal setting or to book a session to get the new year off to a flying start.

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