8 top tips on how to motivate your team

January, the month where your employees’ motivation meets apathy. Where resolutions come to die, if you let them. Not on my watch! And not on yours if you follow my tips on instilling motivation in your employees. Want a more productive team? People who will stick with you and grow? And have greater job satisfaction? Then read on.

  1. Share your organisational vision

Don’t just tell them the company vision, show them how it will lead them to prosperity and success. Keep reminding your staff about the glory of reaching that powerful vision, and they’ll be motivated.

  1. Communicate

Listen to their ideas, attitudes and concerns. Try and resolve their issues, and use what they’re saying to improve the way your company operates.

  1. Make people feel appreciated

Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Appreciation can be a greater reward than money. So spread yours freely, and you’ll reap the rewards of a more motivated staff.

  1. Support new ideas

Give people a chance to take the initiative, even if it’s just an ideas box in the staff room. Having an audience for their ideas will empower your team no end.

  1. Challenge your team

People can’t grow if they are constantly doing what they’ve always done. Throw them challenging but reachable goals that will allow them to develop new skills.

  1. Empower your team members

Often, people just need a little encouragement to believe in themselves and realise they have greater potential within. Always show your confidence in the unique abilities and potential of your team members.

  1. Be supportive

Even the most self-disciplined and creative people need your guidance. Support them as much as you can, and they’ll be inspired to do the same for you and your business.

  1. Value their strengths

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. One person may be amazing at public speaking, whilst another is skilled at writing. Learn what strengths your staff have, and give them a chance to show them off. They’ll be more confident and motivated in their activities.

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