I’m back to the future!

There has been some emotional discontent with all things Covid, so I decided to go off grid for a while to focus on myself, my family, friends and clients. Can you see the order I wrote that in? I put myself first. To some that may sound selfish, but it’s my mantra, something I live by, so I should take my own advice, right?  Whilst giving myself some breathing space, it allowed me to spend time to really look at what was needed for those I hold dearly, and that includes my clients! My days were spent supporting people who were overwhelmed by the uncertainly, managers struggling with remotely managing their teams, feeling disconnected and unable to offer all the solutions their people were looking for, whilst not knowing what the future held themselves.

I have encountered numerous stories,  some real heartwarming teamwork, but also some dreadful stories of people being left high and dry, void of communication.  Overworked and undervalued.  Leaders lacking the awareness and empathy of how their teams are truly feeling, but also of Leaders feeling alone and overwhelmed too. So much learning to be had over these past months, which can only continue whilst our world is ever changing.

Finding trust in someone who has no agenda, and is a non-judgemental sounding-board throughout this chapter, is a lifeline I think we all need.

Who has been your crutch?

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