Is it time to let go and become more carefree?

Is it time to let go and become more carefree?

Do you have SO many commitments that you’re not allowing time to be kind to yourself? Lets think about it for a moment, becoming more carefree surely means the kinder you are to yourself, the more you can give to others, right? So many people forget this valuable lesson and get completely frazzled, to then spend time trying to get well, when really whats needed is to fit in some ‘me time’ so burnout doesn’t happen!

Stepping off.

I stepped off my hamster wheel of doing crazy hours and having a highly stressed career to living a more fulfilling life with the career I’m now more suited to. I must say It took time to decide what was important to me, I needed to learn what my true authentic self looked like which I had lost sight of for some time. Does that sound familiar?

It all begins with being curious about yourself, becoming carefree and losing some of the attachments you have picked up and put in your bag along the way. Perhaps its worth considering letting go and carrying less on your shoulders!

Here’s some handy tips.

Write a list of all the simple things that give you pleasure, you’ll be amazed at how many you can conjure up when you stop to think. Start to plan doing some of these things on a regular basis.. The more you do the better you start to feel. It gives you time to switch off but it also gives you time to think about your next steps in life, rather than reacting to things too quickly.

If you are in a constant state of stress, by managing it you’ll be able to fix almost everything!


Stress is the cause of an astonishing number of health problems and makes any medical condition worse. Stress causes us to age faster, throws our hormones out of sync, and makes us feel anxious and irritable. Learn to recognise the signs of stress in your own body and mind, and combat them actively ( exercise, laughter with friends and family, meditation etc.).

Becoming your carefree child.

Who said you had to grow up and be so serious? Cultivate the very best of the child within you. When it comes down to it, being carefree, at peace, happy, confident or however you want to feel is a choice. We’re just super conditioned NOT to be carefree. We could have 9 things going well and 1 not so great thing going on, and we’d focus 99% of our attention on that 1 thing not going well in order to “fix” it.

The more you focus on all that needs to be fixed, the more your mind gets conditioned to always see what’s wrong and totally miss out on all that is right inside you.  Find time in your day to have fun. Laugh a lot, spend time with people you enjoy, make the monotonous silly and playful. Look at little kids. It’s so good to watch how they make the most ordinary experiences fun. They truly believe that life is supposed to be fun.

Don’t be the people pleaser.

So many of us (myself included) grew up focusing on what other people or society thought we should do. So many people are in careers or situations that depress them or make them feel hopeless. Yes, sometimes you need to dig deep, or have to work in a toxic environment in order to pay the mortgage, but sometimes it’s wise to acknowledge a situation and take the steps to change it.


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